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So, yes....


The show was absolutely phenomenal. It was great, and so high energy. Steven Tyler is the best looking 50+ year old man I know (and probably one of the only ones I would sleep with in a heartbeat), and Joe Perry is just a sexy bitch with a VERY well defined body. Amazing.

And for being old, Steven is amazingly flexible and active. I swear, he didn't stop running for the entire 2 hour show. Well conditioned and used to the music scene by now, I guess.

The Loop 97.9FM is awesome! They are playing all Aerosmith right now, for an After Concert Rock Block. Currently Come Together is on.

Was a little disappointed that they didn't play Hole in My Soul (my fave), or Full Circle (so great), but they played Livin' on the Edge, which I think was the first song of theirs that I learned all the words to back in 1993 when the Get A Grip album just came out and I had it on cassette. Yes, I was in third grade. Yes, I was a fan of Aerosmith.

Damn, the Rock Block is over. *sigh* Well, it has been an hour. I want more...!!

God, Aerosmith is just so fantastic! That was

I'm so bouncy right now!! (And I smell like a concert...yuck).

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