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Reasons I hate KISS FM...

1.) They play that damned "All or Nothing At All" 500 frickin' times a day!! I HATE this songs, and it's on every other hour. Okay, I exaggerate, I think I've only heard it about 15 times since yesterday...sorry.

2.) Do they own more than 6 albums in the studio?
Since yesterday morning:
I've heard Train's Drops of Jupiter about 7 times
Pink's There You Go about 3 times
Cityhigh's What Would You Do about 5 times
Lifehouse's Hanging By a Moment about 4 times.
Jessica Simpson's Irresistible about 7 times.
These five songs, I actually enjoy, but they also play crap every other songs.

3.) The have way too many commercials, especially for the NSYNC 'N the Sand thing.

4.) They have no concept of time. The do the contest at 8am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm. Yet, around 9 o'clock, they always say, "Your chance to win a trip to hang out with the coolest band...blah, blah, coming up really soon, so stay tuned." [Ha! Irresistible just came on, thus proving my point.] Anywho, if two hours is "really soon" you need to get a better watch. Stupid DJs.

The one reason I can't hate KISS FM:
They are giving away trips to the Bahama's to see NSYNC [Ha, Ha! it's 12:45, and they said "you chance to win trips is coming up next." Um, still got over an hour guys!] Again, sorry for the interuption...but they are giving away trips to see NSYNC in the tropics. I need to go, I must go, I AM GOING!!! I just have to win first. Damn, where's that lucky penny when you need it?

Bah, I have to take a I can be done by 2 to win my trip. Shit, it's Thursday already...that means only 6 more chances to win this week. (20 more next week, but still...I really would like to win. I need a vacation, and why not go to the Caribbean? Especially with the most down-to-earth superstars in the world?

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