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Oh God...

I'm so tired. I'm finding it really hard to keep my eyes open. My brain is definitely not functioning righ.t. i can barely type.

I really want to just lay down and sleep. I only have a page of my paper and it is absolute crap. Probably one of the worse pieces I've written ever. My support is not quite supportive, and my thesis isn't even what my paper is about. I can't think logically about any good ways to form a sentence. Hence the very poorly written entry.

I...I need to finish this though. I need to, so that I don't get points off. I need to, so that I don't have to do it tomorrow when I have to get everything done early, because I can't do anything Tuesday night...Aerosmith concert.

I took a nap early, but I think that only compensated for the lack of sleep I experienced last night. I'm so goddamned tired. I'm so ready to sleep. I can't. I mustn't.

Need to work...

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