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I Love Christopher Kirkpatrick!!!

DJ: Do you guys wear glitter on your faces. Cus you have sparkles...
Chris: No! That's from my shirt jerk-off!

He went on to totally...oh my god...please tell me some one captured this on mp3! This is so...oh my god!

He was totally being crude and stuff!

Chris: Red bull and vodka....Me and my boys always drink that when we go out...Yeah, Zima and starbursts were cool when you were like 14, 21 when you first go drinking.

Chris: You guys are such nerds.

Chris: I think in this business, if you don't have a two-way, you aren't cool.

Chris: We're five brothers, we love each other to death.

Chris: I go out and spend all the money I have to give my nephews and little sister the Christmas I never had.

Chris: You so old, you got Moses's two-way!

Then they got into "You so old" jokes...and when he left they asked if all the guys were alcoholics like he was. It was soooo funny.

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