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Home again...

I left Ci's when we went from being completely loopy to being unequivocally mellow (and yes, I only phrased it that way because I wanted to use the word "unequivocally").

Now I am home. And sleepy. And a little bored. I could read the rest of Coldhearted, but I am very tired. And I have to be up in 8 hours. Tomorrow, I am going with Allie, her little sister Lauren, and a friend of ours Jacqueline to the City of Hope's Walk for Hope Against Breast Cancer. I'm actually really excited, though not so keen on the fact that I have to be up at 7:30.

Notice for those interested in PuppyPalooza 2002: To express interest and suggest location, go here now. Currently, Chicago, DC, and Vegas are in the lead, and at last I checked, I was on top of the list (cus I'm cool like that). Anywho...yes, support PuppyPalooza 2002.

Think I might go to bed soon. I really should. I'm so totally falling asleep right now.

Countdown until Aerosmith: 2 Days, 20 hours, 3 minutes. How fucking cool?

If I won a million dollars right now, I would spend it on flying around the country to see concert.

If I don't sleep now, I will be very crabby later. Good night everyone. Love goes out to all!

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