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I know, I know...

I keep mentioning how I'm not an obsessive fan, but now I have a hot picture of JC as my image...oh well, what are you going to do about it? So it's been about 15 hours since the last time I saw NSYNC, and I'm having withdrawls. This cannot be good. I'm currently on the edge of my seat waiting to get my 7 rolls of film (and my sister's 5 and a half) developed. I think it may ease the intense craving to see them if I had my own pictures.

I think I'm less obsessed with the group (as many Teenie-Bobbers are) and more in love with them as people. I'm no Dead-head, and though I'd love to follow them around the US, I doubt I will, but they just seem like great people. They are energetic and funny and always appear so incredibly nice. I would love to just hang out with them sometime. Play video games or watch tv, I'm sure it would be totally fun, no matter what it was. Oh well, out of my dream world and into the real world.

Yet they are still on my mind. Why? Because they aren't a dream...they are real people, and I recognize that (which already puts me far ahead of the people going to their concert with "Marry me JC" written down their arm...not only are you not legal, but I don't think you're his type.) My view of them is like that of teachers. I respect my teachers, honestly, i do...however, they are just people like me and you. I can talk to them on my level, because they only way they are higher than me is in age and knowledge (which I'm definitely not lacking) so with some of them, I can be on the same wavelength. Take my english teacher for example, because I see him as a regular guy, and almost a friend, I could go to his wedding (which was really sweet), and I could accidently swear in class and get away with it, and I could go to a Jazz concert at Ravinia with him, his wife, and about 10 other students and just have fun. People. We are all just people.

Anywho, I have to go bash my head against a wall before NSYNC is stuck in my head forever. (Not that it would be a bad thing if the boys' voices were singing to me eternally, but it's better live.)

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