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Couple things...mostly for Ci...

One, do we have dentist appointments on Saturday? I have rehearsal and I'm not sure if it starts at 9 or 10.

Two!!!! I heard on the radio this morning that Les Miserables is coming back to the Auditorium Theatre this winter!!!!!!! Okay, let's try and analogy here: Beauty and the Beast is to you as [blank] is to me. If you chose Les Miz, good for you!!! We need to go (cough...at least two or three, maybe four times)
EDIT: Tickets are already on sale. Eee! December 26th until January 19. *whine* Cici!!!

Three, Damn. I forgot it. I'm so bad at that. I should write things down. I think mommy's mind is wearing off more than we think. I'm too young to be like this.

And...to steal from privatekino
current mood: feeling a little sick, but happy
current music: Slave Girl - Goo Goo Dolls
current taste: Pepsi, but a little old, cus I drank it about 10 minutes ago. Bleck.
current hair: Long, down. I have blond highlights, and it's pulled back in a low half-tail with three little braid intermixed. I actually got about 5 complements on my hair today. It was crazy.
current dress: Brown ribbed turtleneck with light blue jeans.
current grievance: School.
current annoyance: My lack presence at the One Acts because it was sold out tonight.
current smell: My room. You know how every room has a smell, well, I'm in my room, so it's my room smell.
current longing: Sleep. No homework, no school, for Will and Grace to be on *right* now.
current game: The one where I type random stuff in a box on a website, then it gets posted in something called "Gail's Journal".
current thing I ought to be doing: Homework, definitely homework.
current desktop picture: JC. They adorable one, from the Pop Shoot where he's wearing the brown shirt with green background and is bent over. It's just a head and top torso shot on a 17" screen. It's huge. (He has really good hair too)
current favourite artist: Sara Evans
current favourite group: Matchbox Twenty.
current book: None.
current cds in stereo: *NSYNC "Celebrity", On the Line Soundtrack, Matchbox 20 "Yourself or Someone Like You"
current colour of toenails: Grayish/Silver.
current refreshment: Pepsi-Cola, of course.
current worry: That I'm going to fail the French test tomorrow.
current crush: Hmmm...I don't know. That's a lie. But it's a secret.
current favourite celeb: Rob Thomas. And Eric
current hate: I try not to hate. I "intensely dislike" commercials, homework, studying, and Physics.

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