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Just got off the phone with Amanda. She's been having the same feelings about school and classes that I have. Not wanting to go, even to the ones we like. Just wanting to sleep all day and become amish so we'll never have to go to school again. We decided to start a sheep farm. We will be perfectly content being shepherdesses for the rest of our lives.

It's nice to not be alone in your feelings.

New, happier topic...

West Wing rocked, as usual. I just love it too much for words. It's just...amazing. CJ, Toby, Josh, Sam, Leo, Donna, Joey, Ainsley, Abby, Jed. They are the best characters ever. (and I totally feel the Sam/JC love. I just...yes)

I should be doing Calculus (for the record). Honestly, I'm not doing well in the class, but if I'm not, the rest of the class must be failing. I was beating my head against the proverbial wall today because the questions these people were asking were just so obvious. Hello, did you take algebra? I realize, it's been a while since 8th grade math, but still. This is basic stuff. Half the class *must* be failing.

On a better note, we are singing this really beautiful song in chorus called Prayer of the Children. It's so powerful and sounds amazing. It's been in my head all day, and has frankly, been making me happy because of it. It's actually a very sad song, but so pretty.

Oh! And I repelled today! Me. Afraid of heights. Putting on the harness. Trusting my life to two of my peers, two sets of ropes, and a caribiner. Climbed over the back of the bleachers and lowered myself the 20+ feet to the ground. It was rather nerve wracking, but not too bad. Basically because you never look down. I was concentrating too hard on where to put my feet and how tight to hold the rope to realize my descent. I'm really proud of myself.

That's it for now. I *really* have to do Calculus. I always put it off, but I can't anymore. I have to learn and do well. I have to get a good grade, and get a good class rank, and get into a good college. I will work. I promise.

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