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My Afternoon conversation with my sister --

Me: stupid girls on chicky got a question (about nsync of course) for a chance to win a CD and tickets or something...question was: which nsyncer is wearing a tie on the cover. she took a full minutes before guessing. I was like "Justin, duh." am I obsessed?
Chris: yes... you are. I wouldn't have come up with that.
Me: really? it took me about 0.2 seconds
Me: damn
Me: i suck
Chris: yep
Me: how many times have you listened to the cd?
Chris: Um... three or four. I don't know.
Chris: Since I am working I haven't really been keeping track.
Me: ha! 11
Me: honestly (no exaggeration)
Chris: you're scary
Me: it's NSYNC Day
Chris: YEAH! I can't wait to get off so I can celebrate.
Me: indeed
Chris: May have to have a Mike's and pretend it's called a Lance.
Chris: since he is the group alcoholic... per the slash
Me: see, i would peg Juppy as the alcoholic
Chris: Oh yeah. Or even Chris.
Me: next question: which celeb does joey not thank? a) marylin monroe, b) marylin manson, c) paul rubens d.) sandra bullock
Chris: marylin manson
Me: i got this one right away too, but so did the chick on the show
Me: yeah!! you are good
Chris: I read that one. And Chris's. But that's it.
Chris: Justin's and JC's are too long!
Me: i read all five before bed last night
Me: i suck
Chris: I would have read them all already, but you know, I have to work and stuff.
Chris: I'll have them memorized by the time I go to sleep.
Me: bah, no's NSYNC Day
Me: question three: which of the following songs does not have lyrics in cd booklet a)celebrity b)game is over c)pop d)selfish
Me: i got this one right away too
Chris: selfish
Me: good
Chris: I only know this cause you told me only the first six songs have lyrics.
Me: yea me
Chris: I am listening to Selfish right now!
Me:'s a sign for........something
Chris: it's a sign I should have taken today off!
Me: yep...want me to come get you now? tough you have to wait until TRL is over
Chris: no, pick me up at 5ish. I'll just keep gritting my teeth, biting my tounge, and hang in there.
Me: question four: how many tracks on celebrity are credited to justin
Chris: Um... 8
Chris: ?????
Me: there are 7, but carson's card said 6...checking the inside cover, i spy 7
Me: carson's asking justin during the next song cus he's already on the line
Me: hee hee hee...on the line [<- Lance�s new movie, for those of you living in a handbag]
Me: sorry
Me: bad me
Chris: yeah, I had the same thought. WE suck.
Me: yes, we do
Me: the boys are standing by for their TRL interview (and they look amazing like always)
Chris: ooooooooooooo
Chris: i'm jealous!
Me: you should be
Me: joey's wearing a shirt that says "tell your kids it's not nice to point at me"
Chris: It should say "Fathers, keep your daughters away from me."
Me: yes well, either way, it's damn funny
Me: this girl asked the question: "on the new album there's a lot of songs about breaking up (gone, game is over, see right through you) are these from personal experience, I hope they're personal"
Me: i almost died laughing
Chris: she "hopes" their personal
Chris: She wants the puppies hearts to be broken?
Chris: Bitch.
Me: no, she wanted the puppies to herself...bitch...they can keep their girlfriends, I have no problem being "the other girl"
Chris: "one in every port" - I think the old saying went
Chris: So, what number was Pop? I didn't vote today. I'm so terrible.
Me: pop was number one...i voted three times
Chris: well, that makes up for me.
Me: but they couldn't really show any of it, cus they ran out of time
Me: :o(
Chris: oh jeez. was it good?
Me: eh, the boys seemed a bit off...they are better in person
Me: they never get crazy or show off when they are only on via satellight
Chris: cause they can't see the audience. no one to show off for.
Me: no, i think they don't enjoy their teenie fans
Me: but they would show off for carson
Chris: It's hard to enjoy teeny fans when they are all screamy and grabby. I would hate that!
Chris: we are the ideal fans!
Me: yeah...totally
Me: we are fun and aren't annoying as all hell
Chris: exactly. we would be cool to hang with and wouldn't be all "look at me!" "I am so the girl for you!" "Dump Brittney, marry me!"
Me: i think juppy and pinky are cute together
Me: he was so sweet on leno
Chris: I like them together.
Me: road to celebrity is on (again)...but it's gone...which means the "sittin' here"...*gasp*
Me: i don't know what it is about they ways he says it, but *squeeeeee!*

This basically sums up my afternoon. Watching TRL, listening to Celebrity (that�s right, I�m now on my 12th time around), and talking to my sister while she�s at work. The fact that she was working was the reason I was chatting more than she was. I think I�m proud of my fanaticism. It's not like I loose my mind when I see them. There are two types of fan, the cool ones, and the "teenies" (a word I used often). I am definitely NOT a teenie, so I must be the cool kind. If I ever met them, I wouldn't go all postal. If they started a conversation, I would be like "Hey, how's it going? That's good, I'm fine, having fun this summer, it's been great. See ya later, bye guys." No hyperventilating for me. I like the men behind the music. (Oh, big step, I think that's the first time I've referred to them as men. It's usually, "my boys" or something possessive and silly.

Gotta dash, but I'll be back later! Again, have a great NSYNC Day and do something special in honor of it.

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