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It's 10 o'clock and I'm still home. Yippy!

Half days are the best...especially when they start late.

Okay, so majorly exciting news...I was checking my mail this morning, and I got a couple LiveJournal comments. But they weren't from a user. And the subject of one was "Potty mouth Gail", which is a nickname that I acquired...well, I think it's obvious how. So, I get all excited because this means it's someone I know, and probably haven't talked to in a while. It was Mary! Yay! She said she's coming home in a couple weeks, so she'll be able to see Heidi. I'm so excited.

Also, (because this is obviously important)...Happy Birthday Mr. Christopher Kirkpatrick. Hopefully he will have a good birthday, and isn't having a crisis over turning 30.

It's so cold here. 40 degrees. Yuck. It might get up to 50 today, but will probably stay around 45. Saturday might be 60 though. Whoo-who!

The On The Line soundtrack is pretty good. Don't like Vitamin C's song, but I'm totally in love with Joey. He should have more solos. And Britney's song is good too. BBMak's too. Yay British boy bands.

Okay, again, a boring entry, so I shall go off to get ready for school. Fun.

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