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As crazy as it is....

....My computer is too damn distracting and I'm not getting any work done. I'm shutting it down. This means probably no more entries tonight.

My birthday is in 18 days. Whoa. It totally just snuck up on me. I should make a birthday list. Mmm...presents. I'm so superficial and materialistic. Damn me.

In exactly one week, I will have gone to see Aerosmith and hopefully gotten home. Tired as all hell, I will write a short entry proclaiming the awesomeness that is Aerosmith, then crash on my bed for an extremely restful night of sleep. Yay!

I amuse myself highly. I was reading back over my most recent puppy survey, and was laughing my ass off. I'm just so witty and clever. Totally modest too.

I dislike my school picture. My hair looks bad, my ears look huge, and I look jowly. ( word for me to use). From a distance, it's okay though. And I like what I was wearing.

Calculus sucks, and I really don't know anything. I thought I understood it, and then it asks me the most basic question and I get lost.

But my birthday is in 18 days.

And I own the On The Line Soundtrack.

And JC is a pretty kitten.

And I get to sleep until 10:20 tomorrow.

And I only have two real classes tomorrow (French and Calculus)

And there is a lot to be happy about. I have great friends (though I sometime take them for granted), and a lot of them are at good places in their lives.

And I'm stronger than I think.

And I know more than I realize.

I just need to gain confidence in the things I am good at and take pride in and that make me happy...then maybe life will be a little better.

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