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Puppy survey...

1. Which boy do you want to have sex with RIGHT NOW?
Either Lance or Joey. Lance for that sinister little mouth of his, and Joey...because he's Joey. And, yes...

2. If each *NSYNC lad were working at a fast food restaurant, which ones would they be and why?
Justin: McDonalds
JC: Burger King
Chris: Dairy Queen
Joey: KFC
Lance: Chick-fil-a

3. If you were bored in a hotel room with your favorite boy, (Why on earth are you BORED? Are you insane?) what would you like to spoon feed him while he reclines on the bed?
I would feed JC grapes. One by one. Purple, right off the vine. Mmmm....

4. You were out cruising around town with your NSYNC boy of choice when the cops pull you over. Bastards, they interrupted all your fun! What exactly were you two busted for doing?
Justin and I were driving too fast, with the music too loud, and frankly, we were just having too much fun in his beautiful convertible.

5. Which boy's singing voice do you like to listen to the most? Speaking voice?
JC singing (pretty, pretty boy)
Lance speaking (gah, Lance's speaking voice...incredible).

6. If you could totally make-over the style of one of the guys who would you chose and what would you do to him?
I think I'd take Chris under my wing. He needs a new hair-do. Maybe highlights. Blond, or auburn. While we're at it, sculpt his facial hair a bit too. It's just too...something.

7. Who's tree is it more beautiful under, JC's or Justin's? And, how disturbing is it that they want Santa to watch? [for the record, I don't like the phrasing of this question]
JC decorates it all himself, so it's very pretty and cozy and homey and warm. Justin's is too big, with too many impersonalities. And the Santa part...eww. "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"

8. You have a red hot date with your least favorite boy. Are you dating him because you're interested in getting to know him, because, hey, even though he's not your fave, he's still cool? Or are you dating him just for the chance to possibly get near your true love?
I'm dating Chris. He's a little eccentric, and I like that. I'd really like to see what he's like under all that bouncy, uncontrolled energy, and I think we would get along really well. Besides, you never know when true love will spring.

9. Nick and Justin are brawling (don't ask), who wins? Oh no. Now JC and Kevin are going at it. This is not pretty. Wait! Chris just came along to save the day! And, we all know what a scrappy little fighter Chris is. Who's ass gets majorly kicked now?
Chris comes along and kicks Nick's ass first, because he was taking it up with Justin, and we all know how Chris is basically Justin's mother hen. Once Juju Bee is safe, Chris goes and beats up Kevin, because being the oldest, he's really big brother to all the guys, and you don't mess with the Kirkpatrick clan.

10. Who's jewelry is more obnoxious, JC's ever-present Leo necklace, Joey's Superman paraphanelia, or Justin's JRT piece 'o shite? And, while having sex with any or all of them, do you make them take the crap jewelry off, or is it cool with you?
I love JC's leo! He can keep that on. Joey and Justin's respective pieces are a little huge, so they'd have to be taken off, but I don't really mind either. Well, if I had to pick, Jup's huge-ass thing would have to go.

11. Cast all the boys in movie rolls. (Movies that already exist. Just place a boy in whatever roll you think suits him.)
JC- Peter from the Heidi Chronicles (I cheat, that one's a play)
Justin- The kid from Almost Famous. ("One day, you will be cool")
Joey- Steve/Eddie in The Wedding Planner.
Lance- The gay friend in My Best Friend's Wedding. Forceful, open and confident.
Chris- Warren from Empire Records (the shoplifter kid)

12. Justin says he reads books, (I almost believe that one) so what book(s) are each of them reading right now, if any?
Justin: Nothing too deep, but he goes for mysteries.
JC: He's a fan of Oprah's book club and trashy romance novels.
Joey: Science fiction, but nothing overly weird. A good book that happens to be set in space.
Lance: The latest Grisham book.
Chris: Something thriller-ish, but intellegent and well written. No crap.

13. Best list
- Best Hair: JC
- Best Nose: Chris
- Best Arms/shoulders: JC
- Best Eyes: Lance (liquid sex)
- Best Mouth: Justin
- Best Booty: Bass ass.
- Best (you make up a category)
smelling: JC, definitely. Some guys just smell good. He's one of those.

14. Two of the boys just asked you to join them in a menage-a-trois. Who are they and do you do it?
Lance and Joey. Ummm...yes.

15. Forget for a moment who your fave lad is, which of their MOMS do you want as your future mother-in-law?
Chris's mom. She's awesome.

16. What do you want to give each boy for Christmas? [I'm cheep when it comes to presents, but I usually put a lot of thought behind them]
Justin: A key rack. Impersonal, but practical for him.
JC: An earring, because he should have one, even if he is afraid of needles. I'll be there to hold his hand.
Lance: He's tough to shop for. Maybe I'll just give him me.
Chris: A big comfy hoody sweatshirt, because he likes those, and looks good in those. I'm throwing in a visor as a bonus because it's one of my weaknesses. Chris + visor = me in a pile of goo.
Joey: Pajamas and cute animal slippers to go with them. Maybe little piggies on them.

17. What do you think is the most annoying/irritating trait or habit of each guy?
Joey: His child. Nothing against her, but it puts a damper on things.
Justin: "He's Justin fucking Timberlake". I don't think I'd like his rockstar personna.
JC: He sleeps too much. Not enough time spent having fun with loved ones (me)
Chris: His jitteryness
Lance: His smugbastard!side. It makes me melt, but it can be so annoying.

18. What are their best traits?
Joey: He's always there. A big cuddly teddy bear to hold you when you need a hug.
JC: His hair and eyes.
Justin: His smile.
Chris: His humor.
Lance: His modesty (it's all an act, I say!).

19. You have the opportunity to have sex with your least favorite boy. Do you do it?
Yes. Even if he's my least favorite of the 5, he still makes my top ten list...well, maybe 15, but still...YES!

20. You just spent the night (doing whatever it is you want to do) with the boy of your choice, who do you tell the next morning?
First, I'd probably call Allie. Then maybe make a small post on Journal, for friends only, of course.

21. JC asks you your HONEST opinion about his latest fetching smock, do you tell him the truth about it being the most hidious thing you've ever laid eyes on and that men shouldn't be seen wearing pearls and patent leather, or do you lie and tell him he looks fabulous and send him on his way with a slap to his ass?
I'd say it looks fab, but maybe we should try J Crew instead. Get him into some nice sweaters, and leather pants. Then I'd slap his ass.

22. Which of the guys is the kinkiest in bed? Which is the most old-fashioned?
Lance is majorly kinky...the little slut. Chris is probably most old-fashioned.

23. Who lost their viriginity at the youngest age? Who was the oldest?
Justin was the youngest (still a virgin, my ass) and JC was probably oldest, but only because the rest were all really young too.

24. You have been chosen to be one of the JGP hootchies. You're near the front. You man is dancing right beside you. Do you grab the goods?
That's just distasteful. I'd wait until he give me his number secretly, and he and I have a little rendez-vous later.

25. You are able to be seen at a big public function, like the VMA's, with one of the guys. Which one would you honestly like to be seen with knowing your pic is going to end up in all sorts of publications and that you are going to be the envy of girls across the country? In other words, on whose arm would it be the coolest to be seen.
I would say my baby, JC's, but I can't picture that looking right. Either Joey or Justin.

26. I know a lot of people hate this question, but... Pick new celebrity girlfriends/boyfriends for each guys
Justin: I like him and Wade.
Lance: Carson. mmm...mindfuck...
JC: Rob Thomas.
Chris: Rob Lowe.
Joey: Hmm...Chris?

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