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Happy NSYNC Day everybody!!!

I have decided to make a new 2-day holiday. It's called NSYNC Day. This was yesterday, and the celebration continues into today. I decided it was fitting because for the past 27 hours, my life has been almost non-stop NSYNC-afied. It started at 10am yesterday with them on the View, then I journaled (mostly about NSYNC) from 11 until 12:30, when I watched Road to Celebrity. Later at night, I read their article in Teen Vogue and watched them on Leno. Following this, I trekked out to be one of the first to buy Celebrity. In the middle of the night, I walked into Super Kmart and proudly bought two copies of the CD (that I'm currently listening to for the 8th, yes EIGHTH time in 12 hours). Did I mention I didn't sleep much last night? Now, I am waiting to watch TRL, since they will be appearing VIA satellight. Hopefully they will be on for a while. If not, at least "Pop" will be number one again. To make sure of this, I plan on voting (multiple time). It's NSYNC Day, they have to come out on top. It's only right.

Anyways, just wishing y'all the best NSYNC Day ever. Keep the boys in mind all day, play Celebrity on repeat and be a happier and better person for it!

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