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My last entry of the night

As sad as it is, I really have to shower and get to bed. I finished all my homework already. Yay. And technically, I only have 3 classes tomorrow anyway. Half day.

But, I have PSATs tomorrow morning at 8:30. It's an hour and a half. Blah. At least it doesn't count for anything accept for National Merits. Though that would be nice, I'm not getting my hopes up. I have always been good at standardized state tests...but I think this will be slightly more challenging. Yuck.

Okay, so mega weirdness. I made that list of "songs you never skip because you just don't". Tonic was on when I decided to make the list, then the Collective Soul song came on. Then I finished the list and Blind Melon came on (after I had put it on the list). And now, Pearl Jam just came on. It's so creepy. I swear, if the next song is STP's Interstate Love Song, I'm gonna be thoroughly freaked.

Okay, shower and bed time. Good night all!

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