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Okay, so...damn it. I totally had something to say. *Poofgone*

I had so much e-mail today! And not the crappy junk I always get at aol, it was quality stuff at my real e-mail. So much happiness.

Currently watching TRL with Chris that I set to tape. My VCR is so busy this week. The View tomorrow and Thursday, TRL today, Britney on Jett Jackson Wednesday, and Jumping Ship Friday night. I've supposed to have taped this for Amanda about a month ago. Oops.

Chris is adorable...but I wish I wouldn't have to have all the crap videos and commercials in between. *sigh* oh well. mmm...director!chris! "Let's see how bad he can screw up the show." I love Carson.

Yay, so dinner is ready, I'll be back.

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