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It should not take me an hour and a half to do a stupid math assignment, but I've bitched enough about that, so....

Full day of school tomorrow, but then Tuesday and Wednesday are half-days at start at 12:15 and 11:30 respectively. Yay! Tuesday morning, I actually have to be up to take the PSAT at 8:30 anyway, but on Wednesday I get to sleep in. Maybe even catch a morning talk show. That would be nice.

I really enjoy not being in school. I feel like I can use my time more effectively and be more productive when home. Or at least I'd have less stress, more sleep, and be happier.

Aerosmith concert is a week from Tuesday. It's so close. Really surreal too. I still can't believe I'm going. Yay!

Well, I'm really tired, and I have an early bird (I hate classes that start at 7:30), so I'm only going to get about five and a half hours of sleep tonight. Oh well, that's nothing new. I'm used to living on next to no sleep. School sucks sometimes.

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