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Ci and I are totally sisters...

I took two of the emode.com tests she posted before.

My Superpower was X-ray vision. So was hers.
My Celebrity Match was Dylan McDermott. So was hers.

I also took the Ultimate Personality Test. I am a Rock Star.

You crave attention, the limelight, and the fawning admiration of millions. You walk fast and talk loud. You look important (even if you're not). You like expensive cars. You sculpt your body to perfection at the gym.

You have a bevy of fans and friends, and you like knowing how much others appreciate you. You believe in making a good impression. You like spending money on frivolous treats and nice, stylish clothes � forget the discount bins! But, hey, you're not some shallow materialist! Your polished outward appearance is a mere reflection of that soulful, strong-willed person inside.

At work, you're committed to excellence. You've got your eye on your boss's job. You're a real go-getter, and you really shine under pressure. But you have to love what you do, or else your performance slips. If you don't see that big promotion in your future, chances are you'll start combing the want-ads.

Emode is cool. Also, I'm becoming a huge fan of Bree Sharp even as we speak.


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Oct. 14th, 2001 06:51 pm (UTC)
My personality
Sorry, our personalities don't match... I'm a millionaire! Woo-who! Go me!


You idolize Donald Trump. You aim to succeed � and you'll quickly crush anyone who stands in your way. You want money. You want fame. You want that big corner office. Your closet is brimming with red power suits. You know how to impress people, and you know how to have a good time.

You're very ambitious and personable, and you've got a great sense of humor. You care a lot about how you look. You're bursting with self-confidence, and people admire you for your achievements and determination. Behind that bold exterior, though, you sometimes worry that you're not good enough. But, hey, don't we all?

Professionally, you're extremely motivated. But you can be so critical of your work that it may be self-destructive. Nevertheless, people generally know that you're a solid, reliable person who can perform under pressure. After all, you read Forbes and follow proven strategies for success.
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