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Guess who is the proud new owner of two (count them, two) new CELEBRITY albums...yeah, me. As of 12:18am in the line at Super Kmart, I have been in possession of the greatest album ever. [Okay, major exaggeration, but I'm so psyched right now, it's great.]

The road to success wasn't all paved with gold and lined with lemon drops though. I'll start with the early events of the evening.

Tonight was Steph's party, which was fun. Zoe and I had some quality talking time. We've done that a lot lately. When everyone else left around 9, it was only about 8 of her closest friends. Zoe and I were planning on leaving when the party broke up to watch Empire Record. They decided to watch Down to Earth (not to be confused with Here on Earth with Leelee Sobieski and Chris Klein, or Down to You with Freddie Prinz Jr and Julia Stiles) this was the Chris Rock flick. Zoe had already seen it, and though I sort of wanted to stay, I more wanted to watch Empire Records. We left and came back to my house. As we watched, we talked about NSYNC. She wasn't really a fan, but she watched the View this morning and was cracking up at how fun they were. She knew a lot about them because last school year she had lunch with Jessie (our resident NSYNC fanatic) and Leah (only slightly less of a fanatic). She said that she just loved their personalities and after listening to their music, found herself boppin' along. It's like on the Road to Celebrity when JC said that Janet audiences rejected them at first, but by the end of their set, they knew they had hooked some fans.

My sister found the Teen Vogue (they were the same I had seen twice, but it was good I didn't buy them because she already had). I read through, and though the pictures were good, the Seventeen article was better. YM was too, but the Seventeen one was just awesome. Zoe looked through the mag also, and said she couldn't wait to watch them on Leno tonight. I took her home at 10:30 and got back right in time to start taping Jay and the boys. They were cute as always, but they didn't say anything new. Obviously we all know that Chris is single since he broke up with Dani, and Lance is single because the past three shows they were on asked. Juppy's dating Brit, and Joey and JC have significant others, though they have not specified anyone in particular. They, of course, discussed Joey's accident, then later sang "Pop". It wasn't too exciting, but JC was cute, so it was worth taping.

When Leno was over, I snuck out of my house (I didn't really tell my mom I was planning on going out at 11:45 to get a CD. I left a note on my bed, and had my cell phone, ya know, in case she worried too much. So, at 11:45, I drove out to the Wal-mart in Buffalo Grove, assuming that all Wal-mart's stayed open 24 hours. Arriving at exactly 12:02, I found out that...They don't. Minor setback. I drive through the parking lot and change my path to head to Vernon Hills. I knew there was a Wal-mart there, and (better yet) a Super Kmart - which is guaranteed to be open 24 hours a day, every day (except maybe Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years). I decide to turn into Super K, cus I know it's open and it came first on the road. I enter at about 12:15, and walk directly to the electronics sections. Though there are quite a few people (probably about 10) entering at the same time I was, and about 5 very noticeable NSYNC fans already in the checkout lines, there was no real frenzy that I was half-hoping for. I get in line and check out at 12:18 (according to the receipt). I need to make sure I keep the receipt, because I'll get a free poster when they come in. Nifty, huh? I exit to the parking lot, and take the CD changer out. I replace BBMak with NSYNC (it's only temporary, but it's the only one whose position I know). I listen to it on the way home. When I got home at precisely 12:36, I added the Celebrity box to the stack of CDs I have to give back to my sister, cus I borrowed them to burn. I left the one CD in the car, and immediately opened the other to put it in my stereo. The next thing I do (of course) is come to update my Live Journal, cus I was so overly excited. Now I have to write in the NSYNCER community journal, just cus I feel like sharing my excitement. Later I will give my opinions and ratings of each track, but for now I'm just enjoying the couple tracks I haven't heard (currently, out of the first 10 tracks, I had heard them all except one. Between the concert and downloading mp3s, I've listened to them all. Cool, huh?)

Later all! Go buy Celebrity, maybe we can break the last album's record sales. We need 3 million in this first week!!!!!

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