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I get more accomplished when I live alone...

I woke up bright and early somewhere around 8:30. I never have been able to sleep late. Oh well.

I came upstairs and realized since I am the only one home, I have to get in the Sunday paper. I almost squeed. It was very exciting for me. I definitely love independence way too much.

After reading through the comics (ah yes, I am still a child at heart), I started the first of two loads of laundry. I had a lot of dirty clothes. Then, while that is washing, I have been cleaning my room. I'm almost done. I just have to put stuff away that currently doesn't have a place. This involves putting pictures in photo albums (I bought two new ones last night from Target), and finding a place for my NSYNC magazines. I didn't realize just how many I have. A lot. 17 with them on the cover (5 of those are Rolling Stone). Another 5 or so with them just on the inside, and 2 Britney. Okay, so not that many, but my three new additions from last night were fun.

I have to go fill the albums now. Bu-bye.

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