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*Sigh* It's going to be a good day

Just finished watching NSYNC on the View...fabulous. I don't want to give too much away, but Lance is adorable, Chris is funny, and the audience was unresponsive. At one point, Chris was talking about shower cams, to which I start laughing hysterically. Had I been there, I would have been clapping and yelling...the girls there, NOTHING. Not one of them laughed. Yet they all clapped when JC was being all professional and saying that they were musicians and serious about their music. I would have clapped just because it's JC, but the audience just sucked. Stupid teenie girls...get a sense of humor!!

*Breathe* I'm now VERY IMPATIENTLY waiting for Road to Celebrity to be played (again) on MTV. I feel so horrible that I haven't seen it yet. I'm always gone when it's on, which sucks a lot. Today, though, I'm taping it. I swear, I'm becoming my sister. 7 6-hour tapes devoted to NSYNC. I taped The View (ya know, in case her VCR didn't work *cough* *lie*) and am planning on taping Road to Celebrity too. I need to see them Kentucky and Indiana.

Do you ever wonder why,
this music gets you high,
it takes you on a ride?

I'll tell ya, boys, I wonder every day. What is it about you that makes me go all teenie???

Countdown to Celebrity: 12hours 33minutes.
Countdown to Louisville: 17days 8hours 3minutes
Countdown to Indianapolis: 24days 8hours 3minutes

I can't believe I have gotten this bad.

How cute is this...I downloaded WeatherBug, a service that with one click on the tool bar tells you the temperature, humidity, forecast for the next week, and everything else weather related. When there is an alert, like an excessive heat warning that we've had all weekend, it makes a little bug noise to tell you there is a new alert. It's so cute.

Later today, I have a party to go to for my friend Steph. Tomorrow she's leaving for California on a three week adventure thing (like Allie did in Costa Rica, and Charlie and Pat are doing in California). I have to write her a plane letter before her send-off party at 5 tonight. She said she'd kick people out early so she could get sleep (probably by 9). If not, I'll leave by 9:30 so my sister and I can get to Target before it closes. She has to return a blender, and we will see if we are cute enough to manipulate a store employee to give us two copies of Celebrity early. When that doesn't work, we are going to hang at Wal-mart (open 24 hours) so that we get get the CDs at 12:01. I honestly cannot wait. It's so sad. I used to laugh at my obsessed friends when they'd have pictures of the boys up in their lockers and say that they knew all the dance steps to Bye Bye Bye and that they were going to the concert. Now I'm the one collecting magazines (and storing them in a safe place to they don't get wrinkled) and seeing them in concert 3 to 5 times in one summer.

Just to let you all know, it is possible to become a complete crazed fanatic in under 9 months...under 6 months even. all started watching NSYNC's Greatest MTV Moments. My two sisters and I watched it for the two hours and made fun of them every second. Now I can't get enough of them, though I still make fun a lot. They are fun guys, and I don't think they'd be too offended. I bet they all call Justin the "infant" (like I do), so he can't get mad at me, if he doesn't get mad at Chris, Joey, Lance or JC. And, I laughed when I read the Entertainment Weekly article that said "Second thought: What exactly do the blond one, the chunky one, and the one with the goofy broom-handle hair do in this band?" I just have to say that David Browne (who wrote the article) is a total closet fan. He reviews every song on the Celebrity CD, and bashes most of them. "This, too, feels like a leftover Ace of Base track that one of their team of Swedish producers stuck in the mail." However, he game the track a grade of A- (and I don't think he was an Ace of Base fan). With the exception of Something Like You (that he gave a D for sounding like something 98degrees would produce...obviously not a fan of the hottie Nick) all the tracks were rated above a C+. Most received a B, and Up Against the Wall received an A. If you know Entertainment Weekly, they rip on everything and a B- rating is good. He gave them awesome ratings. He's obviously a fan. Admit it David, YOU LIKE THEM AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!

ARG!!! What happened to me? I used to be sane. Okay, sane is a stretch, but I used to be MORE sane than this.

I was so excited watching the View because JC cut his hair. Not short like it used to be, but it was getting too scraggly, so he trimmed it and it looks much better. In Arkansas, it was just too long. It started to get curly, I think that's why. It looks so good now. He looked so good today...dirty thought...ahhhh! When the hell do I get the CD???

Countdown to Celebrity: 12hours 00minutes!!!!
Countdown to Louisville: 17days 7hours 30minutes
Countdown to Indianapolis: 24days 7hours 30minutes
Countdown to Road to Celebrity on MTV: 30minutes!

I can wait 12 hours, right? the 24 days I don't think I can do though. That's almost a month (well, over 3 weeks). I need to go shower...maybe I can save myself from further brainwashing.

    :::My MTV & mp3 Music:::
    *Rock Show - Blink 182
    *POP - NSYNC!!!! (I love MTV....videos!!!!)
    *I'm Real (remix) - J.Lo
    *Commercials...hmm, I think I'll switch to mp3s now
    *Only in Dreams - Weezer
    *Mona Lisa - Guster
    *The Trail We Blaze - Elton John (from Road to El Dorado)
    *David Duchovny - Bree Sharp
    *Long Day (live with extra verse) - Matchbox 20 [the best part of this track is when Rob Thomas says "Oh, and Carson, if you're out there, you're a hottie too. And Kyle, Kyle, I would reach down my hand in your pocket anytime Kyle, because I think you are a sexy man with a big guitar"...I love my Robbie]
    *Lay All Your Love on Me - Mamma Mia! the Musical
    *Makes Me Ill - NSYNC [this doesn't help the addiction...It makes me ill to hear you boys and know I have to wait another 11hours and 25minutes to get Celebrity...thank god for bootlegged mp3s...I need to listen to some Gone, maybe Two of Us (my current fav). Oh, and I would be at any one of their wills if they asked "Love and attention at his will, You can't imagine how it makes me feel, to see you with him."]
    *Wonder - Natalie Merchant
    *Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    *Superman - Five For Fighting
    *Demons - Guster
    *Abrupt exit of Winamp and crank volume on TV....Road To Celebrity is on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of Road To Celebrity:
    ***Singing Gone...hee hee hee "sittin' here"!!!! Damn it, I suck so much.
    ***Justin looks like a goat, but he's by far the sexiest goat I've ever seen. Baaaaa!
    ***Ha Ha...someone had a sign "Joey, I lost my phone #, can I have yours?"
    ***JC is so pretty-cute when he talks about The Game is Over...oohhh, hottie puppies
    ***I loved when they did This I Promise You on Snowed In...they were all so hot!!!!
    ***It's a conspiracy...Wade totally wants to be the 6th NSYNCer (or maybe replace someone). Give it up Wade, you can write and dance as much as you want, but the boys are sticking together.
    ***ArmaggedoN'SYNC rocks!!!
    ***JC is so cute during the "animal crackers" scene, so serious and hot (big nose, but hot)
    ***No matter what Carson days, I liked Justin's corn-rolls
    ***Lance looks better with dark roots and blond hair, then if he's totally blond
    ***Juppy looks the best with short hair (corn-rolls, afro) I like the curls, but he looks older and more mature without them.
    ***The hypermix rocked!!!
    ***I love the tribute to Janet (I have it downloaded as an mp3) [That's the way love goes]
    ***This show totally rocks!!!***
    ***92 sister and I think it's unnessesary to have two sets of stages. They have at least three days between show, that isn't enough??
    ***Justin and Joey are the coolest when they are dancing to "The Two of Us". ("Look, we're on the tv" - Justin)
    ***Geez, how long is this? 2 hours? (not that I'm complaining...I swear) :o)
    ***Harmonizing "Dude Looks Like a Lady"...who doesn't love it?
    ***I love when they make fun of their fans..."It would be nice if you could be a little more excited, you are on tv" - Carson..."I think you have something on your face" - Justin...*laughs* - Joey (he always just laughs at/with them)
    ***JC is really good grinding on the 2000 VMAs...Europe's clubs must have been good for him.
    *** *Sigh* It's over. Time to shower, I swear I will (unless of course I get sucked into TRL, which is entirely possible).

    P.S. - I'm trying to discover HTML...I got it to indent (on accident, I was trying to underline), and I italicized, but I only wanted to italicize one word, but it did everything...and my computer savvy friend is currently not online, so he can't even help me. I am woman, I can fix this...even it it takes a while. At this point the Countdown to Road to Celebrity is T-3minutes. So much trouble...I guess I'll stick with unitalicized.

    Countdown to Celebrity: 9hours 30minutes.
    Countdown to Louisville: 17days 5hours 00minutes
    Countdown to Indianapolis: 24days 5hours 00minutes

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