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Well that was an experience....

After rehearsal today, we were supposed to go to the football game and stay until after halftime. This way we support the players, poms, cheerleaders and marching band.

The game started at 2. We got done with rehearsal at 2:40. So we start to go to the game. It's pouring. And I'm not talking just constant rain, this is constant heavy rain. We get there with 7 minutes left in the second quarter. So we are only standing around for about a grand total of 25 minutes. Not too bad, right? Ha! I was soaked. All the way through. I even had a coat on that *should* protect against rain. Well it did...for the first 10 minutes.

When I got home, I literally stripped down, threw my clothes in the dryer, and got into nice dry, warm clothes. Yay. My purse though, it soaked too. It's completely fabric, even the lining. Everything in side is very wet. My wallet, palm pilot, phone, kleenex and savings account record book. It's all soaked. My jacket is hanging above the stairs on these bar/hook things we use to dry towels. My purse (which was in the kitchen sink) is now in hanging above the tub. My shoes are sitting on the back step, trying to dry out. Very very wet. But it was an experience.

And, when I left the game, we were doing really well, 15-0. Go Warriors!

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