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christina_a has "smugbastard!lance" on her interests list. Nooooo!! This is *mine*. I made it up. I was an original. I was the only one to have it listed. Damn her. Steal my ideas....

Other things that I'm the only one with them listed....("You still use lousy construction"
  • 101.9 the mix
  • acoustic versions of songs
  • acquiring cds
  • blue sky roadster
  • buying movies
  • dave fogel
  • eric and kathy
  • flaming!JC
  • girly!jc
  • interests list
  • jumbo thumb tacks
  • magenta from blue's clues
  • mini tickle-me-cookie monster
  • mp3/cd players
  • potbelly sandwiches
  • riovolt
  • single (the band)
  • sopraffina
  • stunts board

  • I'm such the individual!

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