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I've got all my life to live, and I've got all my love to give....

...I will survive.

Yes, this week has been *hellishly* long. Today, we had shortened classes. 32 minutes until 42, and the day seemed to drag more than usual. Made me very happy we didn't have a full schedule. God, that would have sucked.

Dismissal was at 2, but I had rehearsal until six (actually it was 6:30 by the time we got out). Extra long, but it was fun. There were only the three main characters, then me, another assistant director, and the actual director. It's always better when there are less people, in my opinion.

This means I got home at 6:45. Thanks to the president's speech, I was able to get homework done before Friends came on. I'm not as easily entertained as I used to be, apparently. It had it's high points, but mostly felt like I was wasting time. Better stick with the highly intellectual puppy footage. (that was a joke. Laugh.)

So yeah, yesterday, I was up until 1am doing homework. Then I got in the shower. Tonight, I was done by 10:15. Ummm...?? WTF? Not complaining that I got done early, but for god's sake, can't teachers find a better balance?? Thankfully this weekend is Homecoming, so many teachers won't assign homework. I take that back, only one of mine won't assign homework. But I did my French already, so that's two down. The rest of my evil teachers will.

I hate topic.

Saw Lance on Entertainment Tonight. His girlfriend is not all that cute. He could so do better. But hey, it's his life.

And Jack on Will & Grace doing the dance to Pop. I was so flipping out! I tried to contain myself because mommy was in the room, and she doesn't understand the NSYNC fascination, but I was still extremely giddy. Sean Hayes is the coolest!

By the way...Happy National Coming Out Day. *throws confetti* Yay! I feel the need to quote from The Heidi Chronicles.
Peter (a gay pediatrician): Sheep. She realized she prefers sheep. Makes sense. And I prefer Stanley.

Okay, that's all for now. Until next time!

1. In a bar fight, which puppy do you think you could take?

Well, I'm very weak. Very. But if I took on a scrawny JC. And I use dirty girl-fight tactics, like scratching and biting. But I don't think I'd want to fight JC. He's too pretty to scratch up.

2. Choice between sleeping with/making out only with your favourite puppy and meeting all of them without any physical contact?

Damn, that's hard. I guess I'll go the nice way, and say meet them all. Then, ya know, we might find an intellectual connection and it could become more than a one time thing. (Or at least more than the "without any physical contact" thing. There are always loopholes.)

[However, for the record, if this actually happened, I might end up sleeping with JC. Or Justin. Maybe Lance. Which ever is more in tune with their straight vibes at the time.]

3.a. Which Puppy made you go mmm when you first started out?

JC. Forever baby!

b. Is it still the same?

Yup, but now that I've learned who the "other four" are, I have close seconds.

4. If one of the guys had to find nslash fic, which one would you choose to have find it, and what specific fic?

I'd like to think that they are already aware of it, and read it on a regular basis. I'd also like to think that they are aware of the journals with their namesakes and read them as religiously as the rest of us. This is utterly untrue, but a girl can dream. I think Chris would be the best to find it, then share it with the other guys and cause the snowball effect. If any of the other four found it, they would probably keep it secret as a guilty pleasure. Not Chris though. I would have him start as I did. With the On the Bus series. Short, sweet, good plot, not overly sexual. Then he can move on to the more advanced stuff.

5. Tell me your beliefs on the sexuality of the puppies.

Unfortuantely, I think they are straight. It's sad, really. Such a waste of very good gay men. But what can you do?

6. Your views on TIPY as a wedding (or some other sappy occasion) song?

It was my sister's wedding song. Did I mention that before? Yes, her first dance was to TIPY, and I think it was very appropriate. (If it were me though, I don't think I could do that. I'd start fantasizing about puppies instead of my husband. That's a no-no)

7. If you could wear one article of clothing from the puppies, what would it be?

Considering the fashion victims that often appear, I don't know if I'd want their clothes. I must say, I do like JC's purple and white tie-dyed pants he wore for the Milwaukee sound check.

8. You get to have a bedtime story read to you by a specific puppy. Who and which book?

Lance's soothing voice lulling me to sleep with...anything. He could be reading from a cookbook, and I would be a puddle of mush. Putty in his hands.

9. Who is the smartest pup? Support your answer.

I think they all are intelligent. None of them scholars, but not stupid either. I think Chris is probably the smartest because he attended college, and is oldest, and quick-witted. To be funny, you must first be smart and understand the world around you.

10. What television show would you most like to see the puppies guest star on?

There is no contest here. West Wing. Sam and JC debating terrorist attacks. Lance and Josh debating Donna's shoes or whatever. Leo and Chris debating Justin and his age, curls, and goatee. CJ and Joey would be making out in a corner. Justin would be running up and down the halls, until Dr. Bartlett came to shut him up. I wish Aaron Sorkin was a closet puppy lover. This would be a great episode. Ratings through the roof.

11. What animal do you picture each of 'em being?

Lance: Duck. Don't know why, he just is.
Justin: Froggy.
JC: Shy, sleepy baby kitten.
Joey: Big cuddly grizzly bear.
Chris: Meer cat.

12. Tell me how you feel about smoking Puppies?

Bad puppies. Very bad.

13. What song would you most like 'em to cover?

Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

14. If you could cook one of them dinner, which and what would you serve?

Joey. Italian food is the easiest to make (none of that southern stuff...I'm not that good).

15. Switch a BSB and NSYNC song.

Why? No. I like it the way they are. Actually. Exchange "The Call" with "Giddy Up".

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