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I like words. They can be an uplifting spirit or harsh daggers to the soul. They can express feeling and emotion in degrees, and can be formal or informal. They can be used to fight, or to mend. They can tell of joy or sorrow. They can turn an ordinary tale into something extraordinary.

"The pen is mightier than the sword." These words are very true.

As such, I tried to be as caustic and hostile in my calculus journal, expressing my pure hatred for the class, while remaining calm, formal and neutral.

Passage: (I was previously discussing taking a test that I studied for, and felt I did well on) "Apparently something was not as right as I thought. I felt that the grade I got did not reflect my work or understanding. However, math does not grade on conceptual understanding, only on correct answers."

Ha! Eat that Gasper!

"I'd give her a ha! and a hi-ya! and an ooo-wah! And I'd kick her sir!" - Bartok from Anastasia

EDIT: More of a sidenote really. I purposely used the word "got" in my calculus journal. This was because although I was taught to never use "got", and to use "earned", "recieved" or a number of other synonyms, I felt as though I did not "earn" my grade, and instead was "given" it. Thus, I "got" a bad grade.

Yes, I'm bitter. Wanna make something of it??

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