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Slowly steaming off

Actually, rather quickly. I guess I'm a fast healer.

Still don't know what to do about Homecoming. I'm not going to the dance, because I don't have a date. Some of my friends are setting up an "alternative plan" where they are going out to dinner and to see a movie. Hmmm...sounds like every other time we go out. I really don't even want to go. But I'd feel so pathetic sitting around home all alone on Homecoming night. Also, I keep forgetting, but my parents reminded me today that they would be out of town this weekend. They suggested having Cici and the kids stay over. No offense to my big sister, or her beautiful kids, but if I'm wallowing in my own self-pity an Saturday night, just me and a pint of my friends Ben and Jerry, I would rather not have the children.

School dances are a conspiracy to make all us single people feel totally useless, desperate and depressed. Yes, I think me, Ben and Jerry will be getting well acquainted this weekend. I should have a chick-flick movie fest, just to secure my desperations for a man. *le sigh* What the hell to do?

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