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I don't think I can handle a four day week. I know, bitch-moan-bitch-moan..."at least you had Monday off..." But I can't do it. How about two days? Two would be nice. Compromise? 3? I'll do three, honest.

Well, it's homecoming week. This means major decorations and school spirit. Will make me happy. I love this kind of shit. Unity and stuff like that. You should see me around the Olympics. I spazz. It's all Olympics, all the time. Even the obscure stuff that they only show at 2 am because nobody wants to watch it. But I do. I *want* to watch all of it. It's absolutely fantastic.

I still don't want to go...don't make me go! I think I'm feverish. *cough* *cough* Look at that. Definitely sick. Mommy, my tummy hurts...I have a head ache...I just don't want to go to classes. Will you call me out sick? I promise to sleep all day, and I won't leave the house, cus I'm sick...

I'm such a child...

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