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Motivation sucks...

...though only because I have none.

I did finish my english homework. A lot of the class is creative writing, narratives, or opinions stuff (and I have plenty of opinions) so it's not all that tough for me. This is good.

Also good is that I'm listening to Aaron Lewis (from Staind) and Fred Durst singing "Outside". Yay. Even if they do get a bit out of tune, I think it adds to the song, because it gives emotions, or something. I don't know, I just like it

Still have to study for Calculus. Which I hate. And I'm not doing well in. And I really want to drop, but can't because I have no where to go. The track system for classes is great, unless you start a year ahead. I took geometry in 8th grade and totally fucked up my math schedule. Usually people take Calculus as a senior, or not at all, because their last class was Analysis as a senior. Well, I'm a Junior in Calculus and I took analysis as a sophomore. I have no where to drop to (because there is no level 2 Calculus...only AP) and I don't know what I'm going to be taking next year. Blah.

I also still have to study for physics. Which I hate. A lot. I don't understand half the stuff because my teacher doesn't teach. Mock conversation -
-Student: Mr. Bruss, I don't understand how to do this problem.
-Bruss: Well, you'll have to plug those numbers into the equations.
-Student: Yeah, I found the equations, but I can't figure out which ones to use. I don't think there is enough information.
-Bruss: Well, that's a problem. You should figure out with equations to use, then use those numbers.
-Student: I tried that and none of them work.
-Bruss: You better figure it out before the test on Tuesday.
He's so much help, it's not even funny. Most the time, he doesn't even understand how to explain the problem to you. He can do them just fine, he just can't teach other people how to do them. It's kind of a problem, cus, ya know, he's the teacher. Gah! I hate the class.

Well, I should go do something. Maybe go buy the Bob for Ci and I, and Teen People for her (ha ha, I already have's good to be a subscriber. And I didn't even realize I was until I saw it in the mail.) Anywho...I'm off to either slack off, or bang my head against a wall while trying to study. Bye.

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