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Short update before bed

This is going to be incredibly short, cus I'm tired beyond belief. Today was pretty cool. Got up, showered, and went to Chris's, like yesterday. Zoe wanted to go to the pool, but I said no, because we were going out to lunch. We picked up Candace and Nikki and drove to Ed's. We planned on eating there because our friend Courtney works there, playing the character Dixie. It was great because there were about 12 of us, and it was just good ol' fun. After, Zoe and I went home so she could nap. At 5, we went back to Chris's so we'd be there when she got home. She then showered and got ready while I picked up our other two sisters and went to TGIFriday's for dinner. After, we stopped by Jewel to pick up alcohol and went back to Emily's apartment. Around 10, I left because Candace called and said that the summer theatre show was over and they were going back to her house. I stayed there until 1 when I came home. I'm so sleepy now though. I think I'm gonna get a bunch of sleep then go shopping before the birthday party tomorrow. You'll hear about it later. Night night!

*Crazy For This Girl - Evan & Jaron
*Better Man - Pearl Jam

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