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Finally, puppies on Ananda. They were so cute. Mmmmm...cuddly puppies. Yay!

Grr...Making the Band marathon on MTV. Cici called me right after Ananda ended, to see how it went and we talked for a bit. She said I should watch MtB and get to know O*Town so that I'm an expert by the Britney concert. I've watched about 15 minutes and have decided that Dan is cool. He didn't actually win the contest thing, but something happened and he got called in to join. He'd definitely the most talented of them all. And the whiny kid that can't sing his harmonies to the Star-Spangled Banner is really annoying. I don't know any of the names except Dan, sorry. Also, Lou is a total fat ass and is pure evil. Sick, manipulative man. Question: How many acts does Johnny manage? I know NSYNC and Britney. Does he also do BSB and O*Town now? Man, that dude is totally loaded. Must be nice to be him.

Okay, well I have to get started on homework now. Shall be back later. Ta ta!

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