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Look! Look! Another fabulous survey!!

The Random:

1. The first letter of your real name: g
2. The first street you lived on as a child: Greenwood
3. The largest body of water near you: Lake Michigan
4. The first thing that comes to mind when you see the word "Canada": "damn communists" - a friend of my sister's said that in complete seriousness once. He was an idiot, but funny.
5. Kyle's mom is a...? big fat bitch
6. The Hot Topic shirt they really, really need to make:
7. Uptown or downtown? downtown
8. The candy bar you cannot live without: I'm a big fan of butterfingers
9. Your favorite LiveJournal icon: That's tough. I think I'm going to have to go with my old Justin with his cute smile and that hat. *sigh* So cute.
10. The NSync song you most deeply identify with, on a personal, spiritual level: "I Thought She Knew"

The Ones About Sex:

1. Have you ever experienced love at first sight? No.
2. Is there someone you want to be with, romantically, that will probably not happen? Yes.
3. Is it because of you, because of them, or are you both to blame? Both.
4. If you've had sex, did your first time live up to all the fuss and holler?
5. If not, do you blame yourself or the other party?
6. Would you do it with your preferred sparkly danceboy if the opportunity came up? Hell yes!
7. Would you tell your friends, or keep it to yourself? I would tell one friend and she would not tell anyone else.
8. Is a romantic relationship without sex a possibility for you?
9. Would you compromise your sexuality for the possibility of true love? Maybe, I hadn't really thought about that. Probably.
10. Do you perhaps prefer making out to knockin' da boots, but are afraid to admit it lest it make you look dumb? I dunno.

The Ones About Childhood:

1. Can you name all five members of the Voltron Force? (Bonus: Name the sixth member.) No, but I would bet money that my sister could. She and my brother *still* talk about Volton.
2. What are Wuzzles? I totally know what those are, but I can't think of it. Grrr...must ask sister...
3. And Popples? Popples are the coolest! They can fold themselves into fuzzy balls. I had a couple stuffed animal Popples
4. What was your favorite Snork? I don't know what a Snork is
5. You had a Hypercolor shirt, didn't you? No, afraid I didn't.
6. L.A. Gear, Reebok or Keds? Keds (though I envied those with LA Gear)
7. Do you remember Live Aid? No.
8. Who organised "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Probably some old guy, but I don't know.
9. The first time you remember dressing up for Hallowe'en, what were you? I was a cat. Meow.
10. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you most deeply identify with: The purple one, I think it was Michalangelo, or maybe it was Donatello. Definitely Donatello, scratch that.

The Ones About Yourself:

1. Are your roots the same colour as the rest of your hair? Nope.
2. What was the first tooth you lost? My front right.
3. Ladies, how old were you when That Special Day arrived? 13.
4. Was it a Great Big Deal, or a hushed event of whispering and guerilla-like expeditions to the drugstore? No.
5. Have you got all your fingers and toes? Yes, thankfully.
6. If you could trade body parts at will, what would you switch and who with? I want a new nose. Perhaps I'd take Candace's.
7. What color are your eyes when you're sick? Bloodshot.
8. Do you sneeze once, or a whole bunch of times, amusing your bitch friends? I sneeze silently, usually only once.
9. If you have to cough in a silent room, do you get up and leave, smother it with your hand, or suppress it until you choke and gag and make a scene despite all efforts to the contrary? Suppress it until I basically choke and gag.
10. Vomit recently? No, thank god.

The Ones About Them:

1. Justin's 'fro, or Joey's smile? This is hard. I'm gonna pledge my love to the Joey's hair, and Justin's smile. To answer the question, I think the Fro is better.
2. Do you think Lance really is a liar? Don't lie. I think Lance has a deeper evil side that he chooses not to show. So not lying, but concealing.
3. Fiction wherein Chris is described as being "elfin" - insightful or annoying? I've used it, but in a mocking manner, so I guess annoying.
4. JC's hips, or Lance's? JC's!!!!! Diva hips are the best!
5. Out of all of them, who would be the last man standing in a bar brawl? Joey.
6. Name each danceboy's supernatural powers, were they Marvel Comics characters:
Joey - fly (duh, Superman)
JC - x-ray vision and great hair boy
Justin - Climb walls and ceilings
Chris - just kicks the crap out of everyone
Lance - become invisible
7. Joey spins the bottle. Who does it land on? Lance (come on, JoLa)
8. Replace one NSync member with an established, aging rock star. Which one goes, and who takes over? Steven Tyler kicks Joey out. Hahahahaha.
9. Does he kick Justin's ass? At first he wants to, but then realizes the kid is pretty cool when he's not annoying the shit out of him.
10. Liken each NSync member to a condiment that they would most deeply identify with:
JC - ketchup (I can picture him looking totally vapid while staring at a red bottle and pondering it's deeper meaning...oh, JC my sweet...)
Joey - mustard
Lance - hot sauce
Justin - peanut butter (yes, I think it can be a condiment)
Chris - relish

The Last One:

Make up a Ralph Wiggum quote. Get in touch with your inner "special" child. Eat paste, if necessary. "Mommy says that I get to take the little bus to school from now on. Wheee!"

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