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Do you have any piercings? Yes, 6. 2 in one ear, 4 in the other (one of the 4 is in the upper cartilage).
Any tattoos? No, but if I were over 18, I would. (I'm very anxiously awaiting becoming legal for that)
Do you like candles? Yes. They are pretty, smell good and provide heat and light. Very multi-purpose.
Do you like hot wax? I don't think I like that question...I guess I do. It's fun to dip you finger tips in and get little wax shells.
Do you like incense? Not really. I've never found some that actually smelled good and didn't give me a headache.
Do you like the taste of blood? Um...I wouldn't optionally drink it, but I don't mind the taste.
Fetishes? Hmmm, I have a couple. Hair, a lot to do with hair.
Biggest turn on? Really hot puppies, or hot any men for that matter.
Sexual Preference? Guys. "big ones...full of sperm" - 10 Things quote. Seemed appropriate for whatever reason.
If you could meet any one famous in the world, (i.e: they've been on television, or in a book, movie, etc...) who and why? I think it would be cool to meet the puppies. I'd also absolutely hyperventilate if I ever met Rob Thomas. Or anyone from the cast of West Wing. They are awesome.
Weirdest thing you've ever masturbated with?, next question...
What song is stuck in your head right now? Staind - "Been A While".
Do you like stuffed animals? Yes. I have many that I sleep with on a regular basis. Here's one of my many, Froggy.

If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? I'm really against killing people if there was anyway to stop it, but right now I think I'd say Bin Laden just to (hopefully) make the war end as quick as possible.
Person you wish you could be with right now? Hmmm...a certain person of the opposite gender would be mighty fine...
What do you want done with your body when you die? Traditional burial, I guess. I have never really thought about that.
Do you have a Valentine? Grr.
Do you believe in time? Unfortunately, it dictates my life.
Do you believe in love? Yes.
Do you believe in soulmates? Yes.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh, yes.
Do you believe in Heaven? Yes.
Do you believe in Hell? Yes.
Do you believe in any of the following; Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy or Jesus Christ? I believe in what they stand for (youth, innocence, fortune, fairy tales) and I'd like to say I believe in Santa. I think I might actually, despite the obvious flaws in that.

Have You Ever?...
(I'm so young, this section is just one boring answer after another...)
Smoked? Nope.
Been Drunk as hell? I don't think I was to the point of drunk, so no.
Had sex with someone of the opposite sex? No.
Had sex with someone of the same sex? No.
Shoplifted? I've taken things from restaurants, does that count? (I currently have a Chili's knife, Olive Garden fork, Applebee's fork, Giordano's glass and a Chili's menu).
Betrayed a friend? I don't think so.
Been to jail? Nope.
Smoked weed? Nope
Done LSD? Nope.
Done any other illegal drug? Nope.
Given oral sex? No.
Received oral sex? No.
Woke up and didn't know who the hell was next to you? Nope.
Had sex with something not alive? Ewww.
Cheated on someone? Nope.
Used someone? Nope.
Paid someone for sex? No.
Been paid for sex? No.
Played strip poker? No (though it was suggested to me and my friends by one of my friend's moms. She was kiding of course)
Skipped school? No, I ditched gym once last year though. It was the greatest.
Skipped school to get high/drunk? No.
Danced naked? I don't think so.
Danced naked in public? Definitely not.
Flashed someone? Not quite.
Mooned someone? Nope.
Kissed someone? No.
Kissed someone of the same sex? No.
Hugged someone? Several hugs, several people, several times.
French kissed? No.
Had sexual fantasies? I'm going to steal Lois's response, "I've been to an NSync concert. Yes, you idiot." Ha ha...of course.
Had gay/lesbian fantasies? Again, Lois says: "Um. Yes. Hey, I write slash fiction! You get curious!"
Stolen money? I may have.
Stolen money from family? Probably taken a dollar from my mom once. I would feel too guilty to steal anything major.
Stolen drugs from family? No.
Been convicted of a crime? Not yet.
Dated someone because you heard they were easy? No.
Had someone date you because they thought you were 'easy'? No.
Been called a whore? Yes, almost everyday (whore is a term of endearment around my friends).
Been called a bitch? Again, yes, often.
Watched porn? No.
Taped porn? No.
Watched porn you taped? No.
Kissed someone in a moving vehicle? No.
Tried to kill yourself? Uh, I would say, no.
Tried to kill someone else? No.
Told someone you hated them? Unfortunately, yeah.
Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it? Yes.

Have you... in the last 24 hours?...
Taken a shower? Yes.
Hugged someone? It's probably been more like 36 hours.
Been drunk? No.
Been high? No.
Been in a fight? No.
Sang? Yes! I was listening to Britney in the car today.
Danced? Yes.
Made someone laugh? I think my sister and I had a few laughs.
Has someone else made you laugh? Probably.
Had a philosophical conversation? No, but we discussed Star Trek.
Contemplated suicide? No.
Wished on a star? There are no stars tonight. It's cloudy. But I looked.
Fantasized about someone? Oh yeah. Puppies are constantly on the mind...and well, you know about the puppies.
Masturbated? Can't say that I did.

Would you rather....
Be in the Mountains or at the Beach? Beach!
Have someone break up with you or break up with someone? I'd like to be the breaker please, it hurts to be the breakee.
Be alone or with someone else? Depends on my mood, but generally, I enjoy company.

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