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Welcome to Sunday Morning....

Many childhood memories of Sundays. Getting up and ready for church. The house was always a chaotic mess. Me and my four siblings needing showers, breakfast, clothes, and all that jazz. Then we'd finally pack into our big gray Astro van and drive 30 miles to the church my mom went to when she was growing up. Afterward, we would usually stop somewhere for lunch, because it was around 11:30. Before Gurnee erupted into an Urban central, we would get food from the "little store", which was like a half snack shop, half gas station. (After Gurnee Mills was built and business from everywhere started popping up, we would eat at Pizza Hut. But by this time, it was me, my mom, my two sisters closest to my age, and my oldest sister who had moved out of the house already). I kinda miss those days.

Coming from a big family, there is really something familiar and comforting about total chaos. It's like the holidays all over again. :o)

Anyway, so I'm up. Mommy left me money to go to Target and get my pajamas and slippers. I was half hoping she'd take me and buy me more than just that. Probably why she just left the she wouldn't have to. Oh well. Gonna finish reading the Sunday Comics, then shower and go get me some cute pj pants. Target is the only place that ever really has adorable pajamas. That's okay though, cus then they are cheap. Yay!

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