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Happy Apple Day.

Why apple day, you ask (and if you didn't, well then you are just so much cooler than the rest of us, right?)?

Anyway, it's apple day, because today's US History treat was Taffy Apples (Friday's are Mr. Heerman-brings-us-good-treats-like-donuts-and-bagels-day). It's awesome.

Then, in theatre, we each got an apple that we had to observe with our five senses, then try and recreate those using sense memory without the apple and with eyes closed. It was really cool, and we got to eat the apples after.

So yes, two apples in one day. I usually have one every other month. It's amazing, trust me.

Trying to decide if I should start homework now. Ya know, get the really easy stuff over and done with now, so I don't have to worry about it later. It would be the smart thing to do. Then again, I'm not always the most intelligent chica.

I'm tired.

I think Ci might be coming over tonight. Mommy mentioned that she would be. I dunno though. I'm holding off on dinner because of her (though I was snacking on chips about 20 minutes ago...oops).

School was okay. It was a Friday, so of course, I couldn't wait to high-tail my ass out of there. Rehearsal was good. Got Kit-Kats from Carl. Presents for being Assistant Director. Yum. Okay, so I've eaten two apples and a Kit-Kat bar, and some chips. Healthy. *shrugs* Oh well. people have recently been talking about West Wing meets Puppies. So much happiness. Two of my all time favorite things ever. Sam and JC would totally be going at it. Maybe Lance and Josh. Joey's all over Donna, CJ, and Ainsley. Toby and Leo seem to old for a slasher relationship, but they get along well with Justin and Chris, who just get it on with each other, so it's all good. Hee hee....puppies and the West Wing. Fantastic.

Gonna go now. guess. Ta ta people!

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