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So this post is mainly for Zoe, if she ever actually checks this, as she promised. (The rest of y'all can play along, too.)

Tonight was supposed to be "Game Night" but sort of fell flat. We really only had three people come the entire night (one from Colleen's work, one from my work, and our neighbor), so games weren't really plausible. We did have a good game of Drinking Jenga going...now that's a good way to get fucked up fast.

I couldn't help thinking at the end that it would have been far more fun with people from home. Like my friend from work, Jeremiah, who would have been much more at home with a whole lot of you folks from the Deerfield area, rather than the more college-y types from down here. But we did kick ass at a game of Cranium (clearly, we're both the artistic, intellect-based types).

Tomorrow night, I'll be heading to another co-worker's house for a Steel Magnolias party. I'm fairly certain I'll be the only female there, and frankly, I think I'll like that a little more. I can chill out and relax with a few of the gay guys (including the aforementioned Jeremiah) and have a good night of it all. I might even bring the leftover salsa and apple dip, since it was far too much for 5 people. I'm glad I didn't decide to buy cheese and crackers, too. That would have been way too much.

Well, I think that's it for now. It's late and I'm tired, but I might try to update tomorrow night or Saturday after work to give an update on the rest of my "weekend."

PS - we have no apartment or prospect thereof. It's getting to critical mass time and I'm concerned, but trying not to worry too much about it. I hate apartment hunting, almost as much as I hate my huge student loan bills. This is ridiculous.

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