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Side effects may include testicular myopia, warlock hump, and Scrappy Doo-ism.

The government took $93 of my hard-earned money this week.


I don't necessarily mind the "withholding." That could come back to me at some point.

It's the Social Security. I wouldn't mind giving that up, except that the chances of there being a Social Security from which I stand to benefit 40 years from now is nearly non-existent.

I know, I know. It all goes a little bit against my democratic-socialist ways...but I worked hard for that money (52 hours in 6 consecutive days). And I know that the government isn't using it for the things I'd actually want it to be.

PS - I fucking love overtime. I am all about the overtime. Please, schedule me for more than 8 hours a day and/or a 6th day in the week. (Better yet...all seven days. The 7th day in a week is DOUBLE time. Mmm...)

When all is said and done, it does just feel good to get a steady paycheck. I hope I can keep making this much money per week. Particularly if the gas prices keep rising (which I believe they will).


In additionally awesome news, I will be leaving a week from Saturday to see my whole family. I can't even tell you how psyched I am!
Tags: disney, family, gas, job, money, politics

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