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-You're pathetic and I'm a lesser man for knowing. -That's my line. You can't use my line.

Mark: Hey, if you were sleeping with Rose, I could understand why you're spending time with her, but you're not. And it's... it's just I thought that uh... you know. I thought it was just gonna be you and me!
Derek: Having sex?
Mark: After! After Addison, after Meredith. I have been patient. I have waited when you partnered up with these chicks, but now they're over. And it's supposed to be just us! You and me; two guys on the prowl, on the hunt.
Derek: You're having trouble getting laid. And you need my help.
Mark: I can get laid.
Derek: Mm-hmm.
Mark: I can get laid whenever I want.
Derek: Uh-huh.
Mark: I do get laid whenever I want.
Derek: Uh-huh.
Mark: That's the point. Women are everywhere. I only have one person I can talk to.
Derek: That's sweet.
Mark: Shut up!
Derek: No, it was really warm and fuzzy; very sweet.
Mark: Shut up.

So after that long intro...I wanted to discuss a bit of "Grey's Anatomy." (Feel free to skip the rest of this entry if you are not a "Grey's" fan.)

I was initially sad when I discovered Kate Walsh would be "returning to Seattle Grace," which I assume means that "Private Practice" has been cancelled. I had been enjoying "Private Practice" more than "Grey's" lately for the simple fact that it was less dramatic and more fun and Tim Daly is ridiculously good looking (especially given his age). Though I am glad that Addison isn't being dropped entirely. I do love her so.

[Edit: I just saw a commercial that "Private Practice" is returning in the fall. So ignore all of that...and yay! Tim Daly and his 52-year-old sexiness will be returning.]

And when I watched an episode of "Grey's" from January (three episodes ago), I was disheartened by the amount of drama and found my favorite parts were Mark Sloan and Erica Hahn (with whom I'm secretly in love).

I'm glad that Derek and Meredith have split up. I was a supporter of theirs for so long, and I have always been a staunch Meredith-lover despite her crazy commitment-phobic-ness (or possibly because of it, because I see a lot of myself in her). However, it got to the point where she was backpedaling and protesting and digging her heals in the sand too much. He had been patient. He waited. She was given the time and if she doesn't feel sure about things's time to cut loose. I still love Derek (who doesn't love some McDreamy), but Meredith is falling by the wayside.

So I'm concerned. I feel less for the characters than I used to. Their neuroses tend to piss me off more than make me like them, and I'm hoping for some changes in their lives/behaviors. I think a good example is George. After his disastrous marriage to Callie (who I only like now because of her relationship to Hahn), his awkward fling with Izzie, and his failure of the residency exam, I'm really glad he's moved in with Lexie. He can get passed the drama and the really crappy parts of his life/character and try to get back to the good old George we all knew and loved. It's Etch-a-Sketch style, perhaps, just dropping everything and moving on...but I think it's what the show needs.

I do have a good feeling that it will try to return to the humor and lightness that it had when the series began. I liked it because it was mostly a comedy with a little seriousness peppered in. It wasn't all train wrecks and ferry disasters and depressing storyline after depressing storyline. It was witty and interesting, and the characters were fucked up in really good and fascinating ways.

But I'm still concerned. Concerned that the characters will not change. Concerned that the plot will continue down the strictly dramatic route and forget its roots. And if that happens, maybe I'll be able to start watching "The Office" and "30 Rock" on a weekly basis, because "Grey's" will fall from my TiVo's To-Do List.

Just some thoughts.
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