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Okay, just to be clear here, our options are: die here, die in the tunnels, or die in the streets.

For the first time since probably sophomore year of high school (so...7 years?) I left my place of residence without ANY makeup.

No foundation, no powder, and (most shocking of all), no eyeliner.


(To put it in perspective, I don't even take out the trash or walk across the parking lot to get the mail without putting on foundation and eyeliner.)

I'm so Tilda Swinton. ;-)

Additionally, I went out in public without a hoodie over the tank top I'm wearing. Bare arms not me.

Granted, I was just going to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to return a couple Redbox DVDs and get some dinner via drive-thru.

Which brings me to my next talking point...I love the Redbox. I had a promo code for a free rental, so yesterday I went and rented The Golden Compass (about which I expressed my disappointment earlier) and Cloverfield (which I felt was ridiculously good in many ways...mostly in filmmaker-y creativity).

Both movies cost me a total of $1.07.


And as a final note: I'm having my weekly "why the fuck is everything on at 9pm on a Thursday night?" dilemma. My TiVo is currently recording "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy."

And I know I should be grateful that it can record two shows at once. Except that I'm missing out on "The Office"/"30 Rock" AND "Don't Forget the Lyrics" featuring Bret Michaels.


Apparently, my TiVo needs to be able to record 4 shows at once. Damn you Thursday night TV!!!
Tags: clothes, csi, dvds, grey's, movies, redbox, tivo, tv

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