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So we're all men of our word, really...except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is, in fact, a woman.

Mmm...Pirates is on USA.

It really goes without saying that it makes me exceedingly happy and pains me greatly to have to turn it off.

But alas, I have work to do. And I've seen it close to 10 times already.

And to be completely honest, I think I like the second one better. Evil Tom Hollander, a scruffy and dirty Commodore Norrington, a three-way battle between the hottest men, a lip-lock between Jack and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth dressed as a boy pirate? kicks the first one's ass.

Not to mention that it has significantly less plot holes. Because honestly, the Aztec curse makes no sense.

Though the original does have some great lines. So very quotable.

Damn, I love me some Commodore Norrington. And to be honest, Will is a bit of a pussy. I'm not a fan.
Tags: keira, movies, pirates, tv

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