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White people are nuts.

"The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." - Alfred Hitchcock

Hilarious and so true.


In other news, I went shopping today and bought two dresses.

I was definitely not intending to do it, but they were on sale (40% off - I saved $52, plus I had a $25 gift card). I almost immediately regretted the purchases, and I may end up returning one or both. I think I'll see what the roommates think of them.

Additionally, I have two new bras. Exciting, no?


And some fun news: I mentioned before how I needed an 83 on my Geography exam to get an A for the semester. I got a 98. Which is crazy because I was estimating I got 3 or 4 questions wrong, but apparently I only missed one (there were 50 questions, so each was worth 2 points).

But that means I most certainly have an A for the semester, I most certainly won't be taking the final exam, and I am most certainly done with that class forever!


John Edwards doing the "Word" (or rather, the "EdWord") on "The Colbert Report" last night was HILARIOUS. I adore him. I was so looking forward to Kerry/Edwards '04. How on Earth did Bush get reelected?

And, though it probably goes without saying: Obama > Hillary. (Much like his cameo on "The Colbert Report" was better than her cameo). I like the lady, but come on now.

PS - Is is bad that I like Obama more because he's an elitist?
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