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Look! I'm a Labrador! We'll all roll in the soot! We'll all be Labradors!

A truly fantastic night of buffalo chicken pizza, 101 Dalmatians (which was SO much better than I remembered...I mean, I remembered it being good, but it's REALLY good), Lady and the Tramp, and a round+ of Disney Scene It with Colleen.

Oh yeah. We're hard-core.

BTW - I'm ridiculously good at Disney trivia. Like...too good to be human. The first game of Scene It we played, I had gotten to the end and won the game, while Colleen was still only 6 spaces away from start. Granted, she kept rolling low numbers and getting All Plays, and I consistently rolled 4s and 6s and got an even number of All Plays and other challenges (My Plays, trivia card questions).

But still. It's almost embarrassing to be this good. She's good, too. I'm just freakish.

After that, we just did the Party Play so we could both participate.

Also, we have tentative plans to have a "Disney Day" and watch all sorts of obscure Disney flicks (like A Goofy Movie) as well as some more popular mainstream ones (I'm thinking an early-90s mini-marathon of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King...and for those perfectionists out there, technically The Little Mermaid is "late 80s").

Oh, lofty goals. ;-)

PS - I think if I get a boy cat, I might name him "Sergeant Tibbs." It's a pretty kick-ass name for a cat.
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