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-I'm 100 percent sure that she probably killed him. -What does that mean? -Ninety-five percent.

I take back what I said about Ted Levine not being entirely recognizable as Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs while portraying Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer in "Monk."

It turns out that in the earlier years of the show, when his hair was darker and shorter, and his mustache significantly smaller...he is very much Buffalo Bill.


I will still watch the episode, of course, but I never really liked the early seasons anyway. And Natalie is ten times better than Sharona (she was so annoying and kind of mean).


In other news: I just took my Geography exam, so I'm done with that class FOREVER. Sweet.

And grades will be posted later TONIGHT. Double sweet.


It's my Mom's birthday today. She turned 60. Whoa.

Additionally, I was the first of her children to call and wish her a "happy birthday" so I think I get a gold star for that.

Also, this weekend, she's coming out to Orlando (most likely with my aunt Judy) so we can go to a Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art. I'd say "I'm taking her to the museum for her birthday" but that would imply that I'll be paying, and I seriously doubt she'll let me pay for myself, let alone for her.

But it should be a good time. We might even be heading to Downtown Disney afterward for some shopping.


I am TOTALLY craving some Pizza Hut. That greasy, yet crispy pan pizza crust is sounding soooo good.

Methinks I'll be ordering some delivery for dinner.


Tomorrow, I'm going shopping after class. I am in desperate need of new bras. Good thing I got a $100 Victoria's Secret gift card for Christmas.

I might also look for something new to wear to my cousin's wedding. I'm thinking of sporting the sweater and pants's going to be cold and I really don't like dresses unless they are princess-y and I can't wear a princess-y dress to a wedding that isn't mine. Can't show up the bride and all that. I'll probably wear heels and hose, though, so that's something.

Florida Mall, here I come!


I think that's all I've got.
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