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Do you think when they asked George Washington for his ID, he'd just pull out a quarter?

My thesis, when all put together, with a title page, images, full footnotes, and a bibliography (all double-spaced), is 50 pages.

Heh. That's one hell of a .pdf file.

The content is only a little over 32 pages.

I'm really nervous to send it. Because after I do...I can't make any changes to it. I definitely don't want to go through and edit it again...but sending is so final.

[Edit: So I sent it. It was terrifying. (Which is silly, because I already have my grade for it, and I doubt my advisor is even going to read it.) So now it's out of my hands. Done.]

Also, does anyone else hate that Microsoft Word won't allow the first sentence of a paragraph to be the last line on a page? (I looked it up, it's called the "widow and orphan option.")

I understand why it's like that...but it just seems to be a waste of space. And looks like you're purposely trying to make a paper look longer. I don't approve.
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