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I would just like it to be know, YET AGAIN, that I am a golden god.


My thesis? The one I last night predicted would be 38 pages (double spaced with footnotes)?

It's 38 pages. Double spaced, and with footnotes.

It's scary how amazing I am.

[PS - while the thesis is "finished" it is most certainly not finalized. And I haven't really done a good editing job of the entire thing yet. I've gone through different sections at different times to clean it up, but it's possible that the whole thing is a big tranny mess (to quote this year's winner of Project Runway). So I'll most certainly be finishing my own editing of it before I get it back with my thesis advisor's comments/revisions.]

But alas, it is nearly class time, so as soon as this bugger finishing printing, I'll be out.
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