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I tried taking your advice, Kiki, sucked. From now on, we do things the Julie Cooper way.

First off, who doesn't love "The O.C."?

Two episodes everyday on SoapNet? It's perfect. Especially on Tuesdays and Thursday when I have exactly one hour at home between classes, so from 3 to 4, I get to enjoy the unsubtle melodramadie of life in Newport Beach. Lovely.

Second, I have some big plans for movies this weekend. Tomorrow, I have class from 8:30 to 9:20am, which gives me plenty of time to get out to Altamonte Springs for a 10:30am, $5 showing of Run, Fatboy, Run at the AMC. After which I will meander home via Winter Park so that I can catch the 2:35pm Stop-Loss at the Regal there.

I don't know if I'll make it a triple-feature day, or if I'll save 21 for Saturday or Sunday, but I guarantee you, I'll be seeing it this weekend as well. Because I must. Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey? And gambling? Yes, please! Lovelyness abounds!!

Third, sadly that's all a lot of procrastination and I have SHITLOAD of work to do this weekend. So methinks that the television is staying off starting at 4pm when I turn off "The O.C." until probably next Tuesday night (I have to watch The Idol in realtime, or I can't vote...everything else important will be recorded on the TiVo).

5 full days without television. Thank god for TiVo.

Oh, and you should be prepared for an inordinate amount of posts. The internet will be my only outlet this weekend.
Tags: amc, idol, kevin spacey, movie theaters, movies, regal, school, tivo, tv

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