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"Never go to bed angry..."

As such, I made myself slightly happier by taking the West Wing personality test. My results:
# 1 Ainsley Hayes
# 2 Donna Moss
# 3 Sam Seaborn
# 4 Josh Lyman
# 5 Leo McGarry
# 6 President Jed Bartlet
# 7 CJ Cregg
# 8 Toby Ziegler
# 9 Abbey Bartlet
# 10 Charlie Young

This is so a list of my favorites. Ainsley would actually be 4th and the other 3 would be moved up, but I love Donna, Sam and Josh. They are the best. Leo is awesome too. Charlie is my least favorite...I don't think he's on enough. I can never relate to him (that's probably why he didn't rank highly on the personality match...*light bulb*). I'm a quick one, I swear.

Okay, so a little better now, but still bitterly angry and stressed, and upset and all those yucky emotions.

Yay! Outside! Staind featuring Fred Durst. Happiness is Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst singing in unison. *melt*

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