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Even if it probably is latent homosexuality being rechanneled, I'm all for rechanneling.

Bull Durham is so fabulous.

As is the Y2K apocalypse episode of "Family Guy" that I'm watching on the other tuner of my TiVo. Show me 'potato salad'!

In other news, I'm down to 20 days of class with 3 days of finals. Boo.

Tried a preliminary job hunt this weekend. Not overly encouraging, but not as terribly depressing as the last time. I'm thinking now about just going to Chicago and finding any sort of museum job I can (gift shop sales girl, coat check...anything that pays). In a perfect world, it would be the Art Institute, though I'd be perfectly content with the Field Museum or Museum of Contemporary Art.

The weekend was good. Easter was full of candy and turkey and family. Decent.

Finally, I'm probably going to be UBER busy this week and next...I have to work on my thesis and term paper like it's my job.

That is all.
Tags: chicago, family, finals, job, movies, school, tv

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