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It's not even noon and I have:
- Taken my History of Prints exam. It was eh. But not terrible. So
- Gone grocery shopping
- Burned a copy of the second disc of the Jason Isaacs BBC miniseries "The State Within" (so I can return it to Netflix)
- Watched Silk (also from Netflix)
- Completed an assignment for my film class tomorrow

And soon, I'll be hitting the post office to return said Netflixes.

Productive, n'est pas?

But to go back a bit: Silk. It was slow, deliberate, boring and overall, barely watchable. The only redeeming parts were the far-too-few bits with Keira Knightley (who sports an American accent). I'm guessing that choice was to match Michael Pitt, who is apparently unable to affect any accent but American, though I'm 98% sure their characters are supposed to be French...so eww.

Of course, I have ranted before about taking French characters and giving them British accents, but to make them American is just offensive. Perhaps it's presumptive, but I figure that Keira could probably pull off a French accent (I have no proof, but I feel most Brits can), and Alfred Molina, who is also in the film, can clearly speak in a French accent (as seen in Chocolat), so I can only assume it's Michael Pitt's fault. However, Keira manages a delightful, lyrical American tone, which is quite difficult, so I suppose I can forgive.

Alas, more work to be done, though I think I might just make this a relaxing day. Granted, I just came off Spring Break, but I didn't get to do a "sit in front of the TV and veg" day. And I have no strict due dates or exams for ANYTHING in the next two weeks, so there will be plenty of time to get real work done then.

Eh...I'm rambling and so I shall go.

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