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When good days go bad...

Yeah, so if I knew I had 2 hours of calculus homework, maybe I would have started earlier. Or maybe even stayed home tonight. That was insane. I didn't even finish. I did most of it, but I basically gave up because I got to the point where I couldn't think any more and I wouldn't have been absorbing anything I wrote. THAT SUCKED BIG TIME!!

I hate Calculus. I really do. And lovely Mr. Gasper is trying to prepare us for college by not teaching us the info, and merely telling us to use the book. I'm not going to be in college for basically 2 years. START HELPING ME IDIOT!

And tech week is arriving rather rapidly. This means that I'll be at school until 9. I love shows, but gah! So much stress. Just received this in an e-mail:
You must work to schedule your lives, do your homework, eat well and sleep. This is 100% necessary. If you don't do that, you get sick, your school work suffers and then crew suffers too. Be good to yourselves so you can be at your best for us all.
So not going to work. Mega stress starts now. God yesterday was nice. I was in such a good mood. Fuck it all.

I really just need to go to bed so I can make this day end already. Blah.

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