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You made room for me, but it's too soon to see if I'm happy in your hands...

I have my new cell phone!!

Alright, let me back up.

When last we met, I was contemplating getting a new phone and had a few I was kicking around. Last week, I went to the AT&T Store with my mom (because she's the account holder) and I looked around and fell in love with the pink Sony Ericsson W580i slider (as pictured in my icon). It was beautiful and amazing and I loved it.

Alas, they were out of stock. Boo.

And now that I had my heart set on that one, I couldn't go back to my other options.

So I had my mom add me as an "authorized user" on the account so I could attempt to find said phone in Orlando. This morning, I prepared myself with a list of the closest 7 AT&T stores and set out on my quest.

It wasn't much of a quest...the first store I visited had one in stock. It was a quick, painless transition, thank you AT&T.

So I am the proud new owner of the best cell phone in the history of cell phones. Granted, I haven't really used it practically yet. I sent my sister a text message, just to test it out.

But it's so slick and pretty. And I'm currently listening to the radio on it. That's has an FM tuner. And even cooler? It has that Track ID program that will identify music playing either on it's tuner, or anywhere in speaker range. So if an awesome song is playing somewhere and I don't know what it is, my cell phone can tell me.


It's also a "Walkman" so if I get a memory stick for it, I can load music and play it using the headphones (included), or connect it to my car. (I could load music now, but not as much.)

Double hot.

I've also already connected it via Bluetooth to my laptop to load some pictures I had from my old phone (there were some I really liked using as backgrounds). And of course, it has a 2MP camera built in.

Oh, and I assume it can also make telephone calls.

So yes. I've only had it for 2 and a half hours but I'm LOVING it.

And after the $50 rebate, it will have only cost me $56.

By the way, I really love AT&T. I have never had any problems, they have always been very accommodating and helpful, and even the semi-difficult things have been relatively easy and pain-free. I highly recommend them to anyone.


In other news, Spring Break went far too quickly. I slacked off for the most part, though I did watch a few movies (not nearly as many as I had hoped). I got a lot of sleep, though, and did not a stitch of work.

Friday, I got back to Orlando, but left almost immediately (after a quick shower) and went down to Miami Beach to meet up with Jenny Melton. We did some shopping, a lot of eating and drinking, and hung out for the night and following morning. It was fun, but alas, I had to leave yesterday because I needed today to study for an exam I have tomorrow morning (needless to say, I haven't started studying yet).

Good times. It's so hard to motivate yourself to study when the class is so wretched.
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