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I love MASH...and here is virtual MASH!!!

My results:
You live in a Apartment.
You're married to Eric.
You drive a BMW Z3.
Your car is the color Silver.
You live in the state New York.
Your honeymoon is Bahamas.
Your occupation is a House wife.
You have this many kids: 3 (2 male; 1 female).

The apartment part kinda sucks, but the rest is flippin' awesome! God, I want this life so bad....mommy! I want this life. Please please please, with sugar on top!!

Silver BMW Z3. Hi, that's *my* car. I want it...really bad. and a housewife? My ideal occupation. I want to be a soccer mom. Think it's a copp-out? No, it's actually what I'd want to do.

*sigh* Happiness is a good turn out on MASH...

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